3 Korean Fashion Trends To Try

By Nicole Gruss | Ads Disclosure | 1/24/18, 2:43 PM
3 Korean Fashion Trends To Try

K-POP: How it has impacted Korean Fashion Trends 

Kitschy, colourful, and feminine. These are three words that perfectly describe Korean fashion which has mainly stemmed from the phenomenon that is K-Pop. For those of you who are not familiar with K-Pop then here is a small breakdown. Taking shape in the 90s, Korean Pop has become to dominate the pop industry with a large influence on fashion. K-pop idols are usually seen to be wearing daring outfits, heavy makeup and experiment a lot with bright and kitsch hair streaks.

The world of K-pop has had a significant global impact on the fashion world, especially in the Asian market as people are recognizing the idols sense of quirky styles . Trends have started to emerge and we in particular have noticed the use of kitsch colors and designs, long skirts and extended sleeves.

kitsch colors and designs

Korean Women love to play around with what they wear and tend to prefer cute, youthful, charming designs with unusual details and graphics. They also enjoy bright colours and patterns as opposed to contemporary neutral colours that are more popular in Western fashion. This trend has been influenced by the K-pop scene and there individualism. 

Long Skirts

Femininity is a big part of fashion for Korean Women and long skirts is part of this tradition. More for the fall time, there are many varieties of the long skirts using innovative designs and silhouettes. The long skirt looks great paired with some sneakers and a simple tank top for a effortlessly cool and relaxed look whilst still looking super feminine. 


Again this is in fitting with Korean Women liking the cute element of ruffles, they have been making their waves in fashion in recent months. Korean fashion labels in particular are doing it the best! Whether it's a subtle ruffle detail on a skirt or it's a fully ruffled blouse, they are becoming a staple of any on-trend wardrobe. Ruffles always look best with either a neutral trouser or block colour so the ruffles can play center stage. 

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