Day to night: 3 ways to turn your day outfit into an evening outfit

By Samantha Hinterbrandner | Ads Disclosure | 1/2/20, 7:56 AM
Day to night: 3 ways to turn your day outfit into an evening outfit-204

You have a date in the evening or you have dinner and drinks with your girls and do not know what you should wear to the office so that you are styled suitable in the evening?  

We all know the dilemma of having plans in the evening but having to work during the day and not having time to drive home after work to put on something different and style our evening outfit.  
Of course, we do not want to go to the trouble of bringing an extra bag of clothes with us to work at the office.

But worry no more, because I have found a solution! I'll show you 3 outfits that you can easily turn into a great evening outfit with just a few trifles - no effort!

Work hard during the day, play hard at night

Day to night transformation 

1. A little extra, baby!

This look is for those who prefer a more extravagant style and like to play with their style. The key piece is a simple but effective jumpsuit. For your day outfit, you can combine it with a simple blazer for a perfect and elegant business look. If you are someone who does not like to wear heels all day long and prefers flat shoes in everyday life, then the black loafers are the right choice for you!

For your evening outfit, you can easily put a pair of heels in your tote bag as they will not take up much space and you will have the bag and loafers in the office and grab them the next day. All you need for your evening look is a small clutch that you can also store in your tote bag during the day and change later. It does not take a lot of accessories, a pair of little hoops are perfect for completing this look.

It's actually as light as it sounds - just change a few accessories and you're perfectly styled for your evening plans! 

Day to night: 3 ways to turn your day outfit into an evening outfit-204

2. Classy & feminine


This outfit is made for a day-to-night transformation! All you need to do to turn your day look into a trendy evening outfit is to put on a fancy lace top under a blouse. The blouse in combination with the elegant and feminine wide-leg pants makes a great business outfit and after work, you just have to take off your blouse and your evening look is ready!

The short lace top together with the pants looks super chic and a little sexy and the snake print ankle boots complete the look perfectly. The only accessories you need to give your look the necessary details are a same-colored belt and a bag whose shoulder straps you can take off in the evening and wear as a handbag. 

Day to night: 3 ways to turn your day outfit into an evening outfit-204

3. Simple & stylish

This outfit is the one you'll need to change the least to turn it into an evening outfit. True to the motto: minimal effort, maximum effect! 

The blazer dress is currently a hot trend and absolutely hip! It is both elegant, sexy and feminine at the same time, making it perfect for a work outfit and evening outfit. You catch two flies with one trap, so to speak, with this outfit! 

Pick a pair of boots that do not quite go over the knee because they stretch your legs visually, but compare to over the knee boots they are not "too much" for the office. In addition, you can stow a small clutch in a tote bag and take it with you in the evening. Simple, silver, round earrings, and subtle silver chains are all the accessories you need to complement your outfit. 

As you can see, turning your everyday outfit into a great evening outfit is easy! Plus you are styled to be perfect for the whole day and all your occasions! All you have to do is change a few accessories and take off a piece of clothing and leave it in the office and take it home the next day. No extra effort and absolutely not stressful. 

Try it out and create your changeable every day and evening outfit!

Love SamanthaSamantha Hinterbrandner

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