4 different styles for Eid Outfits

By Sophie Tarif | Ads Disclosure | 5/24/18, 11:25 AM

After a month of deciding on different outfits for Iftar comes another special occasion - a special opportunity to spend time with family, friends and food - Eid. Eid celebrates a number of different things and also provides and opportunity to wear some new and vibrant clothing. This year Eid falls during the hot and rainy season; so what will you be buying for your Eid outfits 2018?

Eid Outfits

4 ideas for Eid outfits 2018

Bold patterns

After the month of self-reflection Eid is the time to try something new. This year fashion is focused on eccentric prints and why not bring a little burst of color to the potentially rainy days? Prints, such as floral prints and polka dots are popular trends which is actually great news for Muslim women as it is easy to incorporate it into your Muslim attire!

Here are some suggestions on how to wear pretty patterns for Eid.

Maxi skirts and dresses are one of the must-have items for 2018 making a floral print maxi skirt a great choice for Eid - and great to be part of your Muslim attire.

The latest fashion trends for women in 2018

Here's how to wear all the latest trends stay fashionable as a Muslim woman.

  • Fanny packs have made a comeback!
  • Cat-eye frame sunglasses are the biggest accessory trend!
  • Tassel earrings
  • Slip on brogues 
  • Wide leg pants

As wide leg pants is another big trend for 2018 we thought it was a great choice as one of your Eid outfits. This trend is great news for Muslim women as there are is now a big collection of fashionable loose fiitting pants in different styles and prints. This year we're loving the patterned and pastel coloured wide leg pants.

Wide leg pants look great with a simple blouse or long sleeve t-shirt and a little pair of kitten heels will give you a little extra height if the pants are really long.

Business casual for Eid

Sometimes you have to attend a more formal event for Eid. If that's the case then you can definitely still look feminine yet bold by following the fashion trends in 2018. Ruffles is a popular fashion trend but I think it works really well with Muslim attire as it's a really elegant way to dress up a long sleeve shirt or blouse. Wear this with a pair of simple wide leg pants and some stylish accessories and sandals in bold colors.

Traditional Outfits & Muslim dresses

Sometimes it can be a challenge to find traditional outfits online however you can mix up your traditional looks for a maxi dress. This is the 'it dress' of the year and they can come in decorative prints and detailing making them perfect for your Eid Outfits.

Casual outfit for Eid

To finish off the collection of styles for Eid Outfits we're going super casual. If you're spending Eid at home this year but would still like something new to wear then a pretty blouse with a trendy pair of flared jeans is the way forward! For a comfortable lunch at home.

I hope you have some more ideas about what Muslim attire to wear for your Eid outfits 2018. Eid Mubarak from Fashiola!

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