4 Sneaker Trends to Watch

By Sophie Tarif | Ads Disclosure | 12/7/17, 1:28 PM

Depending on the sort of person you are, the winter season can sometimes put a bit of a downer on your mood. However, at Fashiola, we're looking at the positives this winter! It means that you can start layering your outfits, it feels a little cuter in your jumpers and that there are new collections of clothes and shoes being released. 

Unsurprisingly, the autumn/winter fashion shows have been dominated by boots and a touch of sparkle as we head into the festive season, but at Fashiola, we are looking towards the latest trends in sneakers: comfortable, versatile and stylish.

4 Sneaker Trends to Watch


Although sneakers have usually been most popular with women with a street wear vibe, sneakers have become a staple in everyone's wardrobe. There has been a rise in collaborations between household designers and the leading brands in sportswear, and even though the blend of luxury fashion and streetwise appeal is hard to make successful, there has been great outcomes across the board from household names and independent designers.  


Monochrome is an effortless, stylish look, so why shouldn't it work for sneakers too? You can either finish off your all-black look with your all-black sneakers, or add a pop of color to your outfit!


If you're over the millennium pink craze and looking for a new color to obsess over, green is for you! The versatile color works so well with your all-round sneakers, it can be bold and bright or dulled down, either way, you can wear to it any occasion.


Oversized style has been super successful this year, and it continues to be with shoes. Platform sneakers are a big hit, so if you're looking for sneakers to wear on a night out or because you could use a couple more inches, these are for you.


How could we not talk about the festive season, as it's just around the corner? If you are looking for a pair of kicks with a touch of sparkle, there are lots of styles that can dress up any look, from blocks of silver, rose gold detailing or being covered in glitter.


If you're feeling more confident on what sneaker styles to watch this season, start getting ready for the festive season - how about a new party dress or a funky tie for the celebrations!

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