A guide to the trending purses you’re seeing all over Instagram

By Annabel van Eijk | Ads Disclosure | 2/3/20, 9:00 AM
A guide to the trending purses you’re seeing all over Instagram-268

Sometimes it feels like they’re everywhere: trending purses. Purses on the arms of a stylish passerby, bags on your midday lunch retreat to online shopping and worst of all: bags on The Gram. But you know where they somehow start to go missing? Your closet. And not because you’ve somehow lost them, simply because you can’t have them all. So without further ado, let’s jump right into these like-worthy gems on top of our feeds.

What Are The Trending Purses This Year? (don't worry they'll be trending next as well) 

Fluffy Purse

Always wanted to have a pillow by your side at all times? Then this is it. Have a fluffy purse at hand for a quick nap throughout the day or a faux-fur clutch for when that gala is a bit of a snooze fest; very stylish for us sleepy style goddesses. These fuzzy fashion favourites add a little bit of quirky drama to your outfit, add colour with playful brights and patterns or stick to something more subdued and go for a cloudy beige or white option.


Croc-effect Purse

I can hardly imagine you’ve missed the croc-embossed print that is everywhere right now. On knee-high boots, on ankle boots, purses and heels; if there’s one material that we’re seeing everywhere in different shapes and forms it’s the croc-effect leather. Part of its undeniably chic charm is that not only is it on-trend, but it also has a classic appeal that will last longer than one season. Worth the investment I’d say. All our favourite cult hits are taking on this trend, from By Far to Ganni and Elleme.


Tiny 90s Shoulder Purse

Before we needed to carry laptops and a whole bunch of other stuff, there was a bag that ruled all the bag trends. In the 90s and early 2000s, the shoulders of our favourite stars like Sarah Jessica Parker and Paris Hilton were adorned with a tiny baguette-shaped bag. It has a short strap, sat almost in the armpit and if you were really doing it right it was from one of the big designers. This year we’ve seen a revival of the baguette 90s bag and we’re not complaining. Go for a monogram print Louis Vuitton, a nylon Prada shoulder bag or an iconic Fendi Baguette and live your best early aughts life. Or opt for one of the more affordable shoulder purses by mid-range and high street brands.


Bum bags

Yes, the bum bag is still alive and thriving but it’s grown up into a chicer, more adult version. This dad's core bag is no longer just a streetwear staple, the fanny pack, bum bag or belt bag (whatever you’d like to call it) has become a stylish way to accessorize your outfit. Go for a chic leather option in a natural shade of brown or black that is less festival and more fashion. You’ll be totally hands-free for coffee runs and you can store all your essentials safely, we love it when something on-trend is practical too.


Beaded Purse

Beaded purses have received It-Girl status this year, and we can’t think of a better, more colourful party for your arms than these. You’ll find this arm candy in petite boxy shapes that will make you feel like you’ve given in to your childish whims - in all the good ways. Fashion should be fun right? The faux pearl beaded bags by London-based label Shrimps are perfect summery staples to store all your goodies in. 


The Instagram Hits 

From Staud’s PVC tote bags to Cult Gaia’s Ark bag and Wandler’s belt bags, it’s no longer the big names that define what’s on our arms but these newcomers are calling all the shots when it comes to most sought-after purses. We owe a lot of the accessory trends right now to these mid-range brands and their distinctive visions on design. Keep your eyes on these names as we’ll be seeing lots more of them.


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