Cute summer outfits for every summer occassion

By Samantha Hinterbrandner | Ads Disclosure | 2/11/20, 7:00 AM
Cute summer outfits to get your through the heat

Summer is near and whether your summer consists of festivals, days at the beach or just enjoying some time outside, you need some clothing to fit the part. It is time to freshen up your wardrobe so that you are summer-ready no matter what your summer will look like. A few cute pieces can go a long way in summer. Plus, mixing and matching is your best friend and styling basics in different and unique ways can make all the difference.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking they can wear their cold season clothing in the summer but they just aren't made the same. The fabrics are different and the colors that are suitable for each season differ greatly.

Use these cute summer outfits as inspiration for creating the perfect summer looks that fit your personal style. 

Day on the Town - Cute summer outfit

If you looking for the perfect day on the town look, I've got you covered. The best thing about summer is that you can wear dresses every. single. day. Dresses are great because they require minimal outfit coordination and you can just throw it on and go. 

The best type of dress for summer is one that is loose and flowy and gives your body room to breathe. There is nothing worse than wearing a dress that is too tight and feeling uncomfortable. Choose a summer dress in a color you feel most comfortable in and style it with a pair of sandals and a few key accessories. 

Just note - if you sweat easily black is a great option to hide this, but it can make you quite warm. 

Festival Look - Cute Summer Outfit

One of the best things summer brings is outdoor music festivals! Listening to live music with your friends and enjoying the buzzing atmosphere is unbeatable. Although festivals are mainly for the music, you can't help but notice that there is a huge fashion aspect that goes with them.

People plan their outfits month in advance to ensure they look their best so the thousands of other people there can look on with envy. The best option for bottoms is a skort - which is a skirt with shorts. Pair this with some sneakers because you'll be on your feet all day and a crop top plus a belt bag to hold your phone and wallet. You can also bring a light jacket in case it gets cold once the sunsets. 

Summer Night Out - Cute Summer Outfit

Nights out during the summer are so much better than a night out when it's cold. In the summer, the air is warm, the wind is warm, and the moon shines above. We need to take advantage of these times by looking and feeling our best. 

During summer nights the air can sometimes feel humid, and humid air mixed with alcohol can make a person feel pretty sticky. The best fabric to combat sticky sweaty skin is silk, and a silk dress is the perfect summer night out choice. Style it with a pair of black platform heels, dangly earrings, and a few rings for a bronzed goddess inspired look. 

Beach Day - Cute Summer Outfit

The best thing that comes with summer is beach days. Nothing is more rewarding and relaxing than spending some time laying in the sand and enjoying quality time with those around you. But beach days can be a little bit intimidating for some. Feeling confident in your body while strutting around in a bikini doesn't come easily to everyone! 

But with flattering swimwear of your choice, a confidence-boosting beach dress, sandals, and some killer accessories you will be ready to rock any beach day. 

These cute summer outfits are perfect for inspiring your summer shopping spree! Use them and alter them to fit your personality and you will be ready for whatever summer throws your way. 

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