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By Gal Dagan | Ads Disclosure | 10/30/18, 4:32 PM

There is one type of material that fits every occasion: denim. It can be casual and fancy, depending on how you style it and what colours you use. Wear it everyday or for a special celebration. You can use one item of clothing made out of denim in your outfit, or you could do denim on denim and create the perfect denim outfit for men. Think of a ripped jeans for men with an oversized denim jacket, or with a denim shirt with denim shorts, there are so many options to choose from and create the denim style for men that fits you best.

Denim outfit for men

Wear it everyday: the ripped jeans for men

A great denim style for men is the ripped jeans. You might think it’s only for casual use and not suitable for a fancy dinner, but you’ll be surprised with its possibilities to be stylish as a part of a denim outfit for men. Here are my tips:

  • Wear blue (light or dark, depends on the rest of your outfit) during the day, for a casual yet trendy look.

  • Wear black during the evening, or when you go to a special dinner or other kind of celebration.

  • Try to wear them as ripped as possible during the day, but minimise the damage by night.

You have got to try this one: the oversized denim jacket

Oversized is in and we’re not seeing this trend moving away any time soon. If you’re going for denim on denim this item is crucial for modern denim outfit for men. You can’t really mismatch the oversized denim jacket: regardless of what you choose to wear underneath it will have the casual, streetwear look you're looking for.

How do I style denim outfit for men?

We’ve covered the essentials, so let’s move on to the styling of the outfit. Firstly, you’ve got to choose the denim style for men that you prefer best; are you a casual type or do you like the fancier style better? Personally, I prefer to combine the two together. I start with the type ripped jeans for men that can either be worn daily or for an occasion. Then, I choose a blouse underneath, also falling on the line between casual and elegant. I continue with an oversized denim jacket, add a belt and a pair of sunglasses and finish off with sneakers. Have a look at the sneaker trends we believe you will see everywhere in 2018 and make sure it fits your denim outfit. Whichever denim style for men you prefer, wear your denim outfit with pride!

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