5 Handbag Trends You Need to Follow

By Samantha Hinterbrandner | Ads Disclosure | 9/24/19, 8:17 AM
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We hate to admit it but the best part about leaving the house is getting ready and dressing up. From doing our hair and makeup to picking the perfect outfit to finding the best jewelry to accessorize with, it is a full process that we live for. After 5 outfit changes we are finally ready, and it is time to add the final touch to your look; a chic handbag

A handbag is one of the most important parts of an outfit and can make or break your look. Choosing the right one is important for making a good impression to those around you! But, handbags trends are always changing and evolving and keeping on top of the most recent changes can be hard. 

It is about that time of year to feed our handbag addictions and buy all the trendiest bags of the year! So, here are the top 5 handbag trends you need to look out for to stay on trend this season. 

5 of the best handbag trends

Animal Print

Animal prints have taken over recently and become one of the most trendy patterns to wear, and we are loving it. What better way to unleash your wild side than by wearing a wild print? This wacky trend has quickly moved to handbags and various designers and shops are covering delicate bags with intense animal prints ranging from snake to cheeta and the most recent animal print editions; cow and zebra!

An animal print is a perfect way to include fun yet classy feel into your look without being over the top. There is no telling where this animal print obsession is going but we are obsessed. You can also find these fun prints on clothing like pants and shoes to fully live out your animal fantasy. 

Animal prints can be a little bit intimidating for some, and wearing it on a handbag is the perfect way to get comfortable with it, without going over the top. 

5 Handbag Trends to Follow

Slouchy & Soft

A second handbag trend that is quite different from anything we've seen in recent years is the soft and slouchy look. This is the perfect way to showcase your delicate and feminine side with just your handbag! Soft bags come in silks and other pillow-like fabrics and are a delicate, yet elegant way to finish a look.  

We are so into having a fluid sense of style that changes depending on your mood and desires of the day. And the best part about soft handbags is that they can completely transform a look. They are great at adding a sense of feminity to a more masculine look with lace-up boots. Or adding more feminity to a feminine look with heels

Having a diverse bag that can work with all the pieces in your wardrobe is a must. 

5 Handbag Trends to Follow

Make a Statement

When making a bold fashion statement it is sometimes nice to be subtle about it and make people look twice; which is the exact goal with the trend of statement handbags! These handbags are no ordinary bags, they bring excitement and uniqueness like no other. You will have people looking multiple times to figure out what exactly you are carrying, and who doesn't love a little bit of attention for their amazing fashion choices? No one! 

Add this trendy handbag to any outfit for the perfect pop of color and unique touch to your look. The best part is how loud of a statement the bag makes, is completely up to you! You can go completely crazy with your handbag choice, or be subtle, the decision is up to you.

5 Handbag Trends to Follow

All Natural

Natural materials like straw, canvas, linen and wood beading are finding themselves on handbags and are becoming one of the more popular and classy handbag trends. We love both subtle hints of natural materials and full bags made out of natural materials, but you have to be careful to not go too natural or you risk looking like you've made the bag yourself.

This trend is very cool because it is not as popular as the others, and more people are hesitant to try it out. Which is good because you look more original while still being in style. 

Give this trend a go and pair it with a flowy maxi dress to achieve the ultimate summery, bohemian goddess look. 

Make a Luxe Impression 

Making a good impression is important. You usually have only a couple of seconds before someone forms an opinion on you, so you need to make it count! One of the best ways to make a strong and luxurious impression is by holding a designer bag. It is one of the first things someone will see and a designer bag can be worn every single day if you want, unlike a piece of clothing.

A nice designer bag can be worn at parties and events during every season and they will never go out of style! It is one of the best things to invest some money into that is super worth it.  You can style the purse with a pair of luxe sunglasses for the ultimate first impression.

5 Handbag Trends to Follow

If you are a handbag-aholic like we are I'm sure you are dying to get your hands on some of these amazing and trendy bags. It is time to feed your addictions and add some unique bags to your collection. Let's make this season more fashionable will the best accessory there is; a handbag. Happy hunting! 

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