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By Samantha Hinterbrandner | Ads Disclosure | 12/10/19, 8:44 AM
How do you mix prints and patterns in clothing

We are no longer in a time where people refuse to wear different patterns and prints together. We used to believe you could only wear one pattern in your whole look and that was it. However, in recent years we have seen this rule dissolve and more and more people are now wearing different prints and patterns together. 

I am obsessed with patterns and love the fact that the rules and imaginary guidelines for how to wear them have gone away and we are now able to wear patterns freely. Now we can wear polka dots and stripes together and with a few simple tricks create a cute and not over the top look! 

This is why I want to share with you how to wear patterns and prints together to help you create unexpected yet fashion-forward looks that will have everyone jealous. Plus add some spice to your wardrobe. 

How do you combine clothing patterns? 10 Tips 

1. Have one dominant print and one accent print 

With this tip, I suggest wearing a dominant print on something like an oversized sweater or long jacket and your accent with a print on your shorts or less prominent clothing item. 

2. Mix patterns in different sizes 

This means you should have the patterns in a larger size on top and a smaller size on the bottom. For example large polka dots on a shirt, and tiny stripes on a skirt

3. Keep to the same color family 

Such that your top and bottom have different patterns but are all black, white, and gray. This way everything is more cohesive. 

How do you mix prints and patterns in clothing

4. Have the prints share a single color 

Having the two prints share a common color between the two (for example both have red in them) creates cohesion that looks very well thought out.

5. Use the same print in a larger and a smaller size

Larger polka dots on the top and smaller polka dots on the bottom equals instantly chic and trendy. This can be done with all types of prints and patterns and looks amazing, especially when the bottoms are a pair of trendy palazzo pants.  

6. Tie a plaid shirt around your waist

This is the perfect subtle way to add another pattern to your look. This also adds a nice laidback and comfortable vibe. 

7. Pair two of the same print

Not the exact same print but variations of the same! For example, two floral prints where one is large blue flowers and the other is smaller red flowers. 

How do you mix prints and patterns in clothing

8. Break the patterns up with a neutral item

Add a sweater over a striped long sleeve shirt and cuff the sleeves of the striped shirt so the pattern pops through. This is a great idea if you are just getting used to combining patterns as it is not as bold and offers more of a subtle pattern combination. 

9. Patterned outfit and accessory 

Use women love dresses, casual dresses, maxi dresses, party dresses and more and wearing a patterned one is even better! The best way to combine patterns when you are wearing a dress is by adding a patterned accessory! My favorites are pattern handbags and hair scarfs. Chic, classy and very trendy. 

10. When in doubt - stripes! 

If you are feeling uncomfortable or nervous about combining patterns and don't want to feel too bold, you can always go with stripes. Different sizes, colors, and directions of stripes are the best way to delve into pattern mixing in an easy and discrete way. 

As you can see combining different patterns and prints is easy as long as you have a few tricks to follow!

So next time you are wondering "How do you combine clothing patterns" be sure to refer back to this post and follow one of these 10 essential tips! 

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