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By Samantha Hinterbrandner | Ads Disclosure | 10/14/19, 9:00 AM
6 ways to wear denim

Denim is a classic jean material that should be a staple in everyone's closet. Most people already have their favorite pair of denim jeans that they wear more than they'd like to admit, but when you find the perfect pair why would you want to wear anything else? 

If you have a go-to style and fit of denim thats great. But sometimes it is good to experiment and try out some new, trendier options, and there is always a new trend with denim.

We have been studying all the denim trends of the season and come up with a list of all the top ones we think you should follow. 

6 Types of Denim Jeans & How to Style Them

Bermuda Denim

6 ways to wear denim

We are over the days of wearing tiny cut off shorts that barely cover us. The more modern and high fashion way to wear shorts is in the Bermuda denim style. This is an amazing alternative to short-shorts because they are not only more comfortable but can be worn more often. They are working appropriate, party-appropriate, coffee appropriate and more! We love a versatile clothing piece.

These shorts can be styled with anything! They can be dressed up with heels and a shirt or dressed down with sneakers and a t-shirt. Either way, they look and feel amazing. 

Denim Detail

6 ways to wear denim

Its all about the subtle details with these demin jeans. There are no additional fabrics or materials added to this style of denim just some details created with the denim material. We are in love with how vintage and unique this look and cannot wait to wear these demin detailed jeans

The amount of detail added is up to you and you can go all out for a statement-making look, or remain subtle and make a smaller statement. Doesn't matter what you go for, you will be turning heads!

Style them with a plain top, heeled boots, and a luxury bag. We want all the attention on the denim today. 

Accessorized Denim 

6 ways to wear denim

Unlike the previous style, this one is a more obvious show of detail. If you are looking to create a bold look that is flashy yet classy, you need accessorized denim. This denim can be accessorized in any and all types of details. You can find shiny gems, patches, unique stickers and much more! You can really find some creative and runway-ready looks with these embellishments. 

Since denim with details is already a loud piece we advise you to style them with a white t-shirt and nude heels for a classy look. We want the jeans to do the talking and be the centerpiece of the look. 

Wide Leg Denim 

6 ways to wear denim

Wide leg denim is back in style and you can create some high fashion looks from them that we love. The best way to get these pants is with a high waist and at a 3/4 length. This way they look the edgiest and you are able to style them to the fullest.

We love wide-legged denim best they are super comfortable and can be worn in all temperatures and season. The flowy material allows for good airflow and the cropped length is perfect.

Style wide-leg denim with a bodysuit and white boots for the '90s inspired look during the coldest days. And style them with sandals and crop top in the warmer days. 

Distressed Denim 

6 ways to wear denim

Everyone's favourite type of denim is still in style and we are all very happy about it. There is nothing better than having the perfect pair of distressed denim that you can style with various other pieces to create some high fashion or casual looks. 

Distressed denim gives the laid back look, but can easily be accessorized to be dressed up and made into something more. They are also a great denim option for getting some airflow to your legs!

Style them with heels and a blazer for an edgy night time look or a t-shirt and sneakers for a day time look. 

Cuffed Denim

6 ways to wear denim

One of the best ways to wear denim is with a cuffed edge. We love cuffed denim because it offers a high fashion, put-together look with just a simple cuff of the pant. A cuff can be done to virtually any straight-legged denim pant which makes it a trend that almost everyone can try out.

This is the best way to give your jeans some detail and show off your shoes! Since you have more room to show off your footwear we suggest wearing some cute statement heels with cuffed jeans. 

Frayed Edge Denim 

6 ways to wear denim

Denim jeans can also have some subtle details right at the bottoms, and this is a trend we are in love with. The simple addition of some distressing to the ankle hem is everything! It is the perfect way to add something different to your regular type of denim without going over the top.

Style them with some black heeled boots so the frayed edges pop. 

Denim is evolving! And we cannot wait to see you try out some of these hot denim trends. Whether you go for one of the more 'safe' options or one of the more bold ones, you will surely look amazing. 

Start this season off with a denim bang and recreate your classic denim looks into something new! 

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