How to Wear a Bodysuit for Any Occassion

By Samantha Hinterbrandner | Ads Disclosure | 1/21/20, 6:00 AM
How to Wear a Bodysuit

Every day is a bodysuit day! 

Bodysuits are one of the most underrated clothing items on the market. Many women shy away from wearing them thinking they are constricting, too tight, and not comfortable. However, they couldn't be more wrong! 

Bodysuits are one of the most comfortable and fashion-forward outfit pieces you can own. Plus, when styled correctly you would be surprised at how versatile they can be. Bodysuits are usually more body-hugging than other garments which are great because this means smooth lines and an outlined silhouette - goodbye wrinkles

Let me show you all the different ways of how to wear a bodysuit and rock this wardrobe staple. 


How to Wear a Bodysuit

How to Wear a Bodysuit 

1. Trade it for your Classic White T-Shirt 

The easiest and best way to wear a bodysuit is as a replacement for your classic t-shirt. Tuck it into a pair of dark denim jeans and go about your weekend activities. Since it is a bodysuit, the look automatically comes together in a seamless and more put together way. Just add some heeled boots and a leather jacket and you are ready to take on the day! 

2. Create Your Own LBD or LWD

I love how versatile bodysuits are and there ability to create so many different outfits and looks. One of the best ways to create an entire outfit with a bodysuit that is cute and innovative is by combining the same color bodysuit as a top and bottom. If you do this with a white color combination of a white bodysuit top and a white skirt you create your own custom Little White Dress. Some with black - add a black bodysuit with a black skirt and you get a Little Black Dress

How to Wear a Bodysuit

3. Subtle Sexy Addition 

One of the hottest bodysuit trends is wearing lingerie bodies as an everyday piece. Added a subtle liger bodysuit is a sexy yet subtle outfit addition that I am obsessed with! When styled correctly, this looks extremely classy and sophisticated. With this look, avoid wearing a bodysuit that is too sexy and bedroom ready, and opt for something that has some sex appeal to it, without being over the top. 

4. Wear it to Work

A bodysuit is a great alternative to wearing a tank top or camisole to work. A bodysuit will seamlessly tuck into your pants and create a clean and professional look. You can also add a classy blazer on top to finish off the look in style. 

How to Wear a Bodysuit for Any Occassion

5. Wear it for a Night Out With Friends

Most people don't think bodysuits are for fancy nights out, but fashion norms are meant to be bent. Be bold and wear a bodysuit to your next night out event no matter how fancy it is. You can find bodysuits in all different fabrics and designs, and if you are heading somewhere very fancy look for a silk or satin option. Wearing a bodysuit will give you a lot of freedom in finding and creating the perfect outfit. Just add a nice pair of heels and you are set.

6. Wear it on an Adventure

There is nothing worse than going on a hike or a walk in the sun and having your top bunching up all awkwardly. This is why I suggest always wearing a bodysuit with shorts while on any adventure! This way you don't have to fuss over how your top is sitting and if it's going to roll up as you move around. A bodysuit will stay in place and keep y our focus on the adventure. 

How to Wear a Bodysuit for Any Occassion

7. Upgrade Your Everyday Look 

There is no better way to upgrade your everyday look with a bodysuit. Since they come in so many different styles and designs you can get really creative with your choices and try something a little bit more exciting than a classic t-shirt. Opt for an off the shoulder design or one-shoulder shirt to make a simple, yet effective change in your look.

8. Wear it in Layers

In the colder seasons, layering is key! However, layers can easily make you feel bulky and like you have too many pieces of fabric piled on top of each other. While a bodysuit helps fix this issue by creating a seamless and body-hugging first layer that stays put! With a bodysuit, you can combine loose-fitting items like cardigans and sweatshirts with a form-fitting bodysuit. 

I hope these tips for how to style a bodysuit have helped you! It is time to get yourself some next bodysuits and start making your fashion life a little easier. 


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