How to wear: sweaters for women

By Gal Dagan | Ads Disclosure | 2/13/18, 9:32 AM
How to wear: sweaters for women

During winter, sweaters are your best friend. They’re cosy, warm and fashionable. You can find them in every colour, texture and pattern imaginable. But how would you style them? Which one of the millions of options available would fit you? Worry no longer, we’ve got some advice on how to buy women’s sweaters right here. We love these 3 styles, and we’re sure you’ll love them too!

How to style sweaters for women

Sweaters for women: oversized sweaters

Oversized sweaters are a great choice for everyone. They’re baggy, can be combined with jeans, skirts, pants and jumpsuits. This season, opt for a chenille sweater. Whichever colour - blue, green, yellow, black or white, you’re sure to be on trend. Try combining a yellow chenille sweater with flared jeans, black leather loafers, black bucket handbag and a golden pendant necklace.


Sweaters for women: big striped sweaters

It’s not always easy to find big striped sweaters that fit well, and looks good. It can be tricky, certainly, to find the right kind of stripes. If you’re tall, it’s best to go with horizontal lines. But if you’re quite small like myself, you’d prefer to choose vertical lines. Consider a black and white striped sweater, like the one below. Add a pair of black pants underneath, and follow with dark blue suede pumps. Add a golden initial necklace to remain on trend and finish with a black with golden touches shoulder bag.


Sweaters for women: knit sweaters

If you don’t know what to do - knit sweaters are a great go-to, regardless what you’re wearing or where you’re going. They are classy and stylish. Colour wise you could choose for a deep red, a deep blue or a gray, those colours are timeless and could be worn each year. This deep red knit could go very well with a dark gray A-line skirt, suede and leather brown ankle boots, dark brown tote and finally a pearl pendant necklace

It could be tricky searching for the right sweaters for women. There’s so much choice, sometime you don’t know where to start. If you don’t know how to buy women’s sweaters, simply follow the stylebooks for oversized sweaters, big striped sweaters and knit sweaters. Very soon you’ll find out what fits you best!

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