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By Sophie Tarif | Ads Disclosure | 12/3/19, 4:27 PM
Fila disruptor

2018 feels like a year for comebacks. We’re going through a revival of trends from the past as fashion goes through its cycles. As the streetwear trend becomes more popular for 2018, we’re seeing the growth of sportswear brands who first peaked during the 2000s. Nike, Adidas, new balance, and others are all making the most of the comeback which has allowed Fila to return to the big leagues.

The Fila brand is originally from Italy and was established over 100 years ago - in 1911 - however it was acquired by a Korean sporting goods company in 2007 and has been operating from there since then. This mix of Italian heritage and K-fashion has done the brand a whole load of good. K-fashion is all about being colorful, kitschy and unexpected combinations that the Fila brand has capitalized on.

So it’s time to discover the trends not to be missed on Fila’s side.

Fila Sneakers: the pair everyone wants

In recent weeks everyone is crazy about Fila’s new flagship model: La Fila Disruptor - available in black and white. If you didn’t know it yet, these are the shoes of your dreams, as you’ll start to notice more Instagrammers wearing them (see the latest D-ANTIDOTE campaign) But you’ll have to be quick! These shoes sell out fast, so here are some similar styles that are set to be equally as cool for 2018.


How to wear the Fila Disruptor

The Fila Disruptor is a rather bold style. With its wide sole, it’s not really a very feminine look, Fila’s new flagship model will have to be worn with confidence and pride. As the Disruptor is rather showy, there are two ways to attack your style:

  • Simple dress + Disruptor

You can let the shoe be the star of the show by wearing a loose-fitting t-shirt dress with a simple denim jacket. This is the perfect casual street style look that combines comfort and one of the most trendy shoes of the year. 


    • Dress up the Disruptor

    Embrace the style! Wear your Disruptors with a skirt or casual midi dress, wear different colors and patterns. Totally embrace that this is a bold look and you have the freedom to express yourself through your clothing.

    The Fila Dress

    If you’re looking for the perfect mix between a streetwear look with a touch of feminine style, then the Fila dress is for you. This dress is the perfect combination of style and comfort all in one simple look.


    The Fila Sweatshirt

    For the last few seasons now the XXL logos have made their comeback. And this summer, there will more than ever! You’ll be right on trend this season by choosing a sports-look sweatshirt decorated with the famous logos.

    Personally, my favorite styles are the round-neck models in more neutral colors such as white, back and grey. But why not let yourself be tempted by pastel tints for a more original look? Get out of your comfort zone with a Fila sweatshirt and experient with colors! 


    Fila accessories

    Hipster alert: Fila even has a range of accessories! This simple design looks great when worn with some cropped jeans, a long dress or a denim skirt. Once again, the secret is to dare to mix styles.

    So, this is the return of the Fila brand in 2018, as you can see this brand is coming out with quite a bit of new and exciting things, with more to come in the future. 

    What do you think?

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