4 Trends for Men's Summer Fashion

By Philippa Jones | Ads Disclosure | 3/20/18, 10:42 AM

My favorite part of the year, it's time to look forward to the outfits to wear this summer! And this year gentlemen it's time to update your wardrobe with the modern and fun trends for summer 2018. This year men's summer clothes is focusing on cool prints, different shapes of clothing and a splash of color! Men's summer fashion is taking inspiration from catwalks and influencers this year with some daring designs. Lets take a look at 4 of our favorite men's summer fashion trends

men's summer clothes

Daddy, daddy cool.

If you embrace these tips for men's summer clothes then it means your kids will definitely be happy to be seen with you! Lets all forget about the dated image of old dads wearing a square suit. Young father's today have a cool confidence and are seen wearing oversized t-shirts, denim and sneakers. It's definitely a comfortable and cool vibe - perfect for weekends with the kids! 

Do you like the sound of this? Well it's easy to wear this trend and all the latest fashion for men! Make the most of this men's summer fashion trend by wearing a bold, branded luxury t-shirt, the latest fashion for men's sneakers or maybe even a statement pair of desert boots. These simple changes with add self-confidence which you'll continue to see throughout your wardrobe!

Jumpsuits for men

We did say that the summer 2018 trends were going to be bold! This look has come straight from the catwalks and making its way online for you to be able to buy. Jumpsuits for men, it's the latest fashion, but how do you feel about wearing them? Jumpsuits are much easier to wear than you can imagine and plus they're super comfortable! If you really love the streetwear vibe that is popular at the moment then this needs to become part of your men's summer clothes!

Do you want to experiment with this daring trend? Then you can easily make it work with any sort of t-shirt, but bright colors work best!

jumpsuits for men

O V E R S I Z E D the latest fashion for men

If you imagine yourself in the summer all you really need is some loose fitting clothing to keep you feeling cool. Well thankfully the oversized clothing trend has become incredibly popular this year! And just in time for the summer! Oversized clothing is definitely one of the men's summer fashion trends to embrace in 2018. The latest fashion for men in oversized clothing is wide leg pants which look their coolest high waisted and worn with a pair of brogues or old-school sneakers.

Pastels are for Pretty Boys

Pastel colors have always been associated with sunnier months and this year is no different! Pastel colors bring a fun vibe and are actually surprisingly easy to wear, especially if you're looking for men's summer clothesWhether you would like to be wearing a ice-cream coloured t-shirt or some pastel accessories, it's definitely time to invest in pastel colours!

What are your plans for summer? Will you be wearing all the latest clothing for men's summer fashion?

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