Must Have Festive Fashion Accessories

By Samantha Hinterbrandner | Ads Disclosure | 11/14/19, 8:08 AM
Accessoire Must-Haves für Weihnachten

Christmas is almost here and we need to get fully prepared for it. So, once you have picked which outfit you will be wearing for the holidays it is now time to find which festive fashion accessories you will be wearing!

To make the pre-Christmas stress a little less, I have created a list of all the festive fashion accessories you will need for your holiday looks

Must-Have  Festive Fashion Accessories 



Clutches are the best holiday handbag for many reasons. They are not only small and compact but they are also handy and can fit all the essentials you could need for holiday events. Because when going to a Christmas party you do not need to carry a ton of things. All you need are your keys, some makeup for touch-ups, your phone, and some money! 

You can also choose a clutch with some details or bold colors to add something exciting to your look. 


Bracelets are a standard fashion accessory that can really add a lot to a look. They are the perfect decorative touch to your wrist that adds just the right amount of bling and sparkle. A diamond or shiny bracelet will have you looking as festive and sparkly as the Christmas tree.

Look for a bracelet in rose gold, gold or silver, but be sure to match it with your other jewelry so everything works together in harmony. 


Earrings are an essential festive fashion accessory that acts as the perfect finishing touch to a look. They are one of the best accessories for showing off your face and accentuating your features, especially if the earrings are dangly and long. However, if you want something more sublet you can also opt for a simple pair of diamond studs or classic pearl earrings! 


When combined with the right earrings and bracelet a necklace can become the center of attention on your look and highlight your neck area. Just be sure to choose the length of your necklace so that it suits the outfit you wear. If you are wearing a low cut outfit choose a necklace with a longer chain and a bigger charm to stand out. Or if you are wearing a high neckline opt for a shorter chain or a choker. 


Belts are a timeless accessory that can be used to add something to any look. They can be styled with a pair of classic jeans or to sinch the waist of a loose-fitting dress. A belt is great for emphasizing your waist and drawing attention there. If you have a favorite designer or brand this is the perfect opportunity to show it off with a branded belt buckle. 


You shouldn't only arrive perfectly styled for Christmas, but also smelling great. That is why you need an amazing smelling perfume. And at Fashiola we have a wide range of brands and countless scents to choose from. Search for the scent that suits you most and you are set.

Make sure your smell is sending off a good message to those around you. 

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