The Floral Midi Dress: wedding ready

By Ana Filipa | Ads Disclosure | 11/12/19, 3:50 PM
The Floral Midi Dress: wedding ready

Have you got a wedding coming up and struggling to know what to wear? The floral midi dress is the perfect dress suitable for a wedding. In general midi dresses for weddings are classy and appropriate for the type of occasion. In particular, adding floral gives more of a feminine touch and can be a showstopping look.

There's always a worry about what to wear to weddings as you don't want to outshine the bride but trust me the floral midi is the perfect dress for a wedding. It midi style has the elegance to suit a wedding and the floral pattern adds the perfect pop of fun and personality. 

Let's get into it! 

Floral Bodycon Midi Dress

bodycon dress is form-fitting dress style that shows your figure off beautifully. Midi dresses for weddings should be comfortable and reflect the time of year. You can find a floral bodycon dress and style it with a pair of heels and a clutch and you are ready to dance the night away. 

Just be wary that if you want to eat a lot and not have to worry about a food baby, this is probably not the best option for you! 

Floral A-Line Midi Dress

An A-line dress is my favorite style: it means I get to stay comfortable and feel glamorous in a flowy dress, and what better occasion than a wedding?! Floral a-line midi dresses are a bit more flexible, you can pair your dress with a pair of killer boots, like a pair of trendy sock boots, and wear a trenchcoat over the top if the weather is being a little unreliable!

Floral Cold Shoulder Midi Dress

The great thing about wearing a cold shoulder or off-shoulder dress is that you really get to accessorize! If you choose a floral cold shoulder midi dress, wear the look with a pair of tassel earrings: one of the biggest accessories trends for 2018! Find yourself a delicate and choker-style necklace to wear with the look to balance it out. If you're going over the top with accessories you could even wear a pair of slip-on brogues on your feet, ready to dance all night long!

Now that you know all the best types of floral dresses to wear for a wedding and how to style them it is time to get wedding ready! 

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