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By Ecem Doğan | Ads Disclosure | 10/30/18, 3:53 PM
Trendy dress 2018

Every year there is that 'it dress' that the fashion world focuses on. 2 years ago lace dresses were the most popular style, last year wrap around dresses started to gain attention and this year? This year is all about spots and stripes. This is the summer dress of 2018. The dress which you're going to see plastered all over Instagram, online-stores and everybody will be wearing: printed maxi dresses. Although polka dots and stripes are trendy right now there are many other styles of printed maxi dresses which are going to popular in 2018. Personally, I couldn't decide whether I preferred spots or stripes so I chose both! I found a dress from Mango which combined two of the trends from 2018 which I love and i'm sure I will be wearing it all summer long.

Maxi dresses 2018: stripes or polkadots?

Long dresses are floating between being vintage and high fashion this year. What do you think? Super feminine maxi dresses with stripes or a polka dot dress have both been updated and brought into 2018 and this is what they look like!

Maxi dress with stripes

If I really had to choose between stripes or dots, I'd pick stripes! Stripes are a classic style and remind me of classy Paris. I think this is especially true with maxi dress with stripes that will take over our Instagram feed this season. As linen dresses become increasingly more popular I think we're going to see a lot of this combo in some pretty summer colors such as yellow and blue which are fashionable this year. Wear a stripey dress with a pair of espadrilles or sneakers and a straw bag.

The polka dot dress

Polka dots are definitely a big trend in 2018 however I think this trend might not last forever, which is why I picked stripes. If you love to follow the latest fashion trends then I would definitely suggest you buy a polka dot print dress as this is a super trendy style! Wear a polka dot dress with a pair of classic sandals: Here are my favorite styles this season:


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