How to style printed shirts for men

By Sophie Tarif | Styles | Monday, 25 February, 2019

I really like printed shirts on men; I think they are a really cool way to make a simple shirt and jeans outfit pop a little more! Sometimes when you look at a tropical shirt on the hanger it can feel a little daunting... what else in my wardrobe can I wear with this?! 

LOTS! Here are are some ideas on how to style a variety of shirts.

5 ways to style printed shirts

The simplest way to wear a loud printed shirt is to wear it with some neutral colors: black, grey, beige, denim - all the basics work really well with an eccentric looking shirt. A pair of denim shorts is the easiest way to style a printed shirt as you look like you're summer ready! 

Men's printed shirt

If you have your eye on a really brightly colored printed shirt then there are a few things you can do. Remember, basic colors always work well with prints so why not break up the mixture of colors and patterns by wearing your printed shirt over a t-shrit? This way you can add a little bit of chill to the look. Branded, graphic or logo t-shirts are very popular right now so check out the range of luxury t-shirts on Fashiola. Make the look more casual with a trendy pair of sneakers. 

Tropical shirt style

A popular style for the trend is linen materialYou can be twice as trendy if you treat yourself to a printed-linen shirt this year! Linen shirts are great for warm and sticky days so why not incorporate this into a casual look for at home or heading down to the beach? A pair of sliders is still probably the most comfortable pair of shoes you can buy - perfect come rain or shine!

Linen shirts

Personally, I think if you're going to be wearing a printed shirt that is full of color then you should continue being bold by wearing even more colour and prints! Now that you can see this outfit in full you are hopefully thinking it doesn't look so bad if you wear a bold shirt and funky sneakers! Remember to incorporate some neutral materials and colours to break down your brave outfit. 

Bold men's style

2019 x The utility trend is working on gaining traction in fashion - are you looking for a way to combine both styles? A classic pair of combat pants and a bold printed shirt is the perfect balance of casual, cool and a little bit edgy!

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